Virtual Tour

The Chiro-Santé Clinic is located in the picturesque Old Sainte-Rose neighboorhood, close to Les Menus Plaisirs restaurant, to the CLSC of Sainte-Rose and the beautiful Parc de la Rivière des Milles Ïles.

clinique hiver

The welcome room

This is your first stop on your visit to our clinic. We will ask you to fill out a questionnaire about your health and reasons for conulting, this will take about 10 minutes. The first visit can take about 1 hour. Sit comfortably, your chiropractor will be with you shortly!

Our two assistants, Louise and Linda, will take care of you at your arrival. They will explain the steps to the first visit and will answer any questions.

The waiting room is spacious and allows several people to be seated confortably.

Do not hesitate to bring your children with you to the clinic, we have a childrens corner to keep them busy!

The treatment rooms

The Chiro-Santé Clinic has 4 treatment rooms for chiropractic care.


Room 1

Your chiropractor will take your case history and ask you questionsabout your condition and your health. This should take around 15 minutes. Afterwards, a physical and chiropractic exam will be performed to better understand your problem. Your chiropractor will orient his or her examination to precisely diagnose your condition.


Room 2

Thi room allows more than one chiropractor to utilize the clinic.

The clinic also has a complementary therapies room (ultrasound, TENS) and a lumbar traction room. Complementary therapies are a support to chiropractic treatments an can have an impact on inflammation control, releasing muscular spasms and accelerating healing. Lumbar traction is a very interesting support for problems that originate in the vertebral disk.

At your fisrt visit, x-rays are recommended (except for children and pregnant women). We want to visualize the health of your spine. X-rays are very effective tools for treatment orientation and exclusion of rare but serious pathologies.