September 2014: Partner of the Association des Résidents de Champfleury

Clinique Chiro-Santé is proud to announce their partnership with the Association des Résidents de Champfleury!

The clinic has decided to sponsor the Training offer at the ARC. If you are interested in participating in a work-out group class or in any language or arts course, visit their website:

Dr Etienne and Dre Sandra will be on site during the first classes of the session to offer 5 minute health conferences. Here are a few of the many subjects we will touch upon:

How to work-out safely?

How to better my posture?

How to prevent certain injuries?

How to make my spinal muscles more endurant?

Dr Etienne and Dre Sandra will be present to answer your questions and to give you lots of little ticks to include into your daily life. These will help you succeed in your work-out; we want to see you training long term!

You should also know that the chiropractors of the Clinique will be available to your trainers for any questions. There is always a solution for you to keep training in spite of pain or an injury. Your trainer will work with us to find you a different way to get results. This partnership will allow you to attain your work-out goals!