July 2016: On vacation, your bed can change everything!

Vacations are made for leaving, evading, decompressing and sleeping! The mattress and pillow you end up with on vacation can do more harm than good!

A pillow and mattress that are not ergonomic can create all sorts of symptoms that can make your vacation a real downer. Torticolis and lumbar pain on awakening are the most frequent signs that your sleep posture needs improvement.

The pillow: The best solution is to bring your orthopedic pillow with you. If you are travelling by plane and your luggage is full, do not hesitate to ask the front desk of your hotel to send you several pillows to find the one that best accomodates you. Many orthopedic pillow companioes offer a traveller’s version of their pillows, get informed!

The mattress: Here, the vacationer has less room for upgrading.
For camping, it is important to shop around for your mattress, there are many on the market at many different prices. The quality is important, because the worst thing that can happen is a mattress that deflates during the night! You must go to a store where you can actually try the mattresses, lie down on them. It is also important to buy signle mattresses for each member of your family instead of double matresses.
When you get to a hotel and the mattress is not well adapted, a couple of strategically placed pillows can minimise the negative impact. Always try a room change first, because not all matresses are the same.


We are hoping your next vacation is as restful for body as for mind!