Februray 2015: Is your pillow right for you?

You spend on average a third of your time here on Earth sleeping. Your pillow can not last a lifetime! Some of you have a favorite that you’ve been sleeping on for 10 years; its time has come!

Chiropractors speak of posture and its importance in the health of your spine. There are seated and standing postures that take a lot of efforts to correct. We often forget sleep posture which is much easier to correct! Find the right orthopedic pillow and you’ve done the trick!

When you are shopping for a pillow, you have to remember that there isn’t a one size that fits all. We all have different body types, different body densities and different sleep patterns. Some of you sleep on your back all night, others only for part of the night, others move all the time. To find the right pillow, you have to try them! At our clinic, you will have the opportunity to try your pillow at home before buying it. Water based pillows, memory foam pillows and preformed pillows are all to be considered. Once you’ve found the right one, you won’t want anything ot do with your old pillow!

Here are the basic rules of buying an orthopedic pillow: when you are lying on your side, make sure the pillow is thick enough to support your head in line with your spine, so that there won’t be any curvature in the neck or back. When you are lying on your back, we want to make sure that the cervical spine is supported in the shape of a C curve.

On-side_old_pillow2 On_side_new_pillow[1] Back_old_pillow2 Back_new_pillow