Article of the month: summer in our neighborhood!

ARC_coulThe chiropractors of the Clinique Chiro-Santé have invested in a low cost, fun filled and active summer!

Sainte-Rose offers several ways to take advantage of the sunny season with your family. It is important to us to give to our community: we want our Sainte-Rose families to be outdoors and moving! Spines that get to move around are healthy spines! Sharing these activities with your children shows them the importance of a active and healthy lifestyle; what a great value to teach!

The city of Laval offers several free activites in the Old Sainte-Rose, have fun!

The Clinic has created a partenrship with the Association des Résidents de Champfleury to offer even more activities! We will be onsite at these events to enjoy the great weather with you all!

It will be our pleasure to see you this summer in our beautiful neighborhood!

Dre Sandra Aresteanu, Dr Etienne Lefebvre et Dre Michèle Dansereau