Article of the month: ready for the golf season?

Golf season is starting and you can’t wait to get out on the greens! But is your body ready for the start of the golf season? Have you ever had pain while playing golf? Have you ever injured yourself swinging your club? If you have, you are not alone!

A study on 600 amateur golfers in Quebec showed that 25% of them have already had a spinal injury. This number increases to 89% in professional golfers. 80% of these injuries are caused by excessive practice and play in professional golfers. But in amateurs, only 20% of injuries are explained by excess. Why? Because the majority of amateurs get injured because of suboptimal spinal and articular biomecanics and deficiencies in thei golf technique.

Even if golf is not a contact sport, the rotation implicated in a golf swing can cause important biomecanical stress. During a swing, your whole spine is put to the test. During the initial momentum, the club head can reach a speed of 160 km per hour. It is easy to understand that a problem with flexibility in combination with a subpar condition in the neuro musclo skeletal structure will increase your risk of injury.

It is essential to prepare your spine to take full advantage of your season and minimize your risk of injury:

–         Get started with a training program that has golf specific movements before the start of the season. Your chiropractor can prescribe golf specific exercises that take into consideration your condition and weaknesses.

–         Super7-206x300Stretch before and after playing. A series of stretches can be done before, after but also several during your round. The Chiropractic Association of Quebec has created a mini pamphlet with these stretches samll enough to put in your golf bag. This way, these stretches can become a reflex, just like putting on your golf glove!

–         Make sure to have the right technique. aThis means ha smooth movement that respects YOUR capacities and YOUR limits. It is useless to try to impress with powerful tee off swings that will end up in the woods!

–         If you have tension, back pain or any disconfort when you have been standing for a while, sitting too long or getting up from your seat; see your chiropractor before the start of the season! These are all signs that a joint, nerve or muscle is compromised in your spine; this is not the time to hit those balls! It is imperative to fix the problem before an activity like golfing which is very demanding of your spine!

Hope to see you on the golf course!

Dr Etienne Lefebvre

Your crazy for golf chiropractor