Article of the month: 10 reasons to choose a doctor of chiropractic

1. Our approach is preventive: Yes, you can see your chiropractor regularly, even without any pain! The goal is to keep   your spine mobile, minimise the impact of daily stress and to make sure to rapidly correct a problem that might still be asymptomatic.

2. Our doctorate degree is completed after 5 years of university: Medical doctors, dentists, optometrists, veterinary doctors and chiropractors all must finish a doctorate degree. This allows the professional to find the diagnosis before posing any therapeutic acts.

3. Our approach is safe: The doctorate degree will allow us to determine if the patient and his condition are good candidates for chiropractic care. This approach allows us to treat safely and to refer to other health professionals when necessary.

4. We are regulated by the Ordre des Chiropraticiens du Québec: The mandate of the order is protecting the public. The order insures that all members are qualified, are receiving continued education and are respecting the deontology code.

5. We contribute to the reduction of professional disease: These problems are extremely common now days with desk jobs, computer work and repetitive movements becoming the norm.

6. We have many approaches and techniques to optimise health: Most chiropractors will learn several techniques to better serve a varied clientele.

7. Athletes, pregnant women, children can have chiropractic care: Every life stage can have an impact on the spine. Some periods create more vulnerability to stress; do not let them go by without proper care!

8. We are your heath habits consultant! The role of the chiropractor is not only to relieve your symptoms but also to make you responsible. Sometimes, some easy to apply advice can be as beneficial as a treatment!

9. We treat much more than back pain: migraines, tendonitis, numbness, postural problems, sports injuries, earaches, arthritis, nerve inflammation are just a couple of examples!

10. Our results are backed by science: Chiropractic has been studied for over a century. In Quebec, two research chairs allow us to publish many scientific articles demonstratinf the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment. Research has also helped us understand how the body reacts to chiropractic care!

Here are ten, but there are many other good reasons to see a chiropractor! If you have a question on how chiropractic can help you, do not hesitate to contact us!